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t's me, Colleen... To make this process as simple as possible for you, please take the time to read these 5 points :)

#1 - Please make sure you chose your time zone. Not sure? Refresh this page and you'll be able to choose it from the pop-up window.

#2 - If this is your first appointment with me, there will be about 10 minutes worth of paperwork to complete before you can complete scheduling the appointment. If you're pressed for time, just complete the required parts and finish the other parts later.

#3 - After your appointment is booked, please register for an account through Acuity Scheduling (the last page you land on) so that you can save your information for faster scheduling in the future and have the ability to edit the forms you completed.

#4 - Don't see any upcoming appointment availability after scrolling to the bottom of the time slots or nothing that works for your schedule? Please email me.

#5 - If you have any issues at all, please let me know...

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